His End Is Near (Naruto fanfic)

His End Is Near (Naruto fanfic)

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Aqua By manako-san Updated Nov 10, 2017

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disclaim:Naruto and any other 
characters even though I wish I could claim but I can't.

hello my name is Naruto Uzumaki and I am close to brake  down. why you may ask, well ask my family that's  if they remember me.

I once was happy until the
villagers  attack and torment 

I once had the I needed from a mother, father and big brother but not anymore.

my only family now is kyuu-san and the animals in forest.

why you may ask again?

just read and I will tell you my story.

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Just blame it on your luck like Kamijou Touma (A Certain Magical Index)
                              Season 3 confirmed
Acnolia Acnolia Oct 21, 2017
Me: *Running for my live*
                              My sis: Wut are u doing
                              me: A-apocalypse
                              My sis: of zombies?
                              Me: No, fan girls
                              My sis: RUN FOR UR LIVES PEIPLE!!
sweetkiller1216 sweetkiller1216 Jun 07, 2017
Kakashi!!!! Its so obvious people😌 i'm very pleased with myself right noe you knoe
The_Anime_Rule The_Anime_Rule Jan 29, 2016
even tho I dont care about Sasuke.... but...... RUN IDIOT RUN