You're My Everything ~ An Alvin x Simon Fanfiction (Alvon)

You're My Everything ~ An Alvin x Simon Fanfiction (Alvon)

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Alvinnn ❤️ By xxthechipmunksxx Updated Mar 01, 2016

Alvin and Simon CLEARLY have feelings for each other, don't you agree?
This story uses the 80s chipmunks. MATURE CONTENT BEWARE! 

*DISCLAIMER* This is obviously a boy x boy (gay) story, and it does contain MATURE CONTENT. Do NOT read this story if you're sensitive against this type of content and if you don't like homosexuality

*DISCLAIMER #2* Do NOT read this if you don't ship the two together. It's fine and dandy if you don't like the ship, I understand, I mean they are brothers, but there's people who do, so please if you're gonna hate on this ship, then go hate somewhere else. 
Any hate or rude comments on here will be deleted and you will be blocked. Thanks for understanding!

The art used for the cover doesn't belong to me! It belongs to Duiker on DeviantArt! I don't claim it as mine! Thanks!

LexiChan4 LexiChan4 Feb 21
Wow that was quick I thought it was going to be like an hour long fanfiction that took the characters forever to tell each other how they feel but now I guess it's just like that wow just wow
emlongbottom emlongbottom Apr 04, 2016
Just came on here to say one thing:
Gi-is-Triggered Gi-is-Triggered Sep 19, 2016
I'm gonna read this to my friends at school tomorrow to make them really uncomfortable XD
pxxchy_ pxxchy_ Sep 19, 2016
I only caught only came here cuz it was on _pagedro_'s reading list 😂😎
@ChillSasha I can't even handle this and I read the Skin fic, milk fic, and Dipper goes to taco bell.