Karma ||H.S||

Karma ||H.S||

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**Karma always has a way of biting you in the ass**

Deception, manipulation and lies ruined the high school romance between a popular and tries-too-hard Paisley and a love-struck nerd, Harry. Two years later, they meet again in college, completely different people. So different in fact, he's unrecognizable to her.

Karma has bitten Paisley hard. Her life, over the past two years, has been full of misfortune. Now reunited, and while she's unaware of it, can they replenish their love? Or has Paisley's karma forced her to become someone who cannot trust and be dependent of holding onto secrets? And has Harry had a plan all along to seek out his revenge for what she did to him in high school? Or will everything they built up this time, be strong enough for him to forget the past? 

Karma tells the story of a building bond between two photographers who share a charming past with a disastrous divide.

All rights reserved  amberlove222
|| Highest Ranking - #154 in Fanfiction ||
~~Not your typical love story~~


"Karma is amazing. One of the most beautiful stories on this site. Many books with millions of reads can't compare to yours."  -- @harreh_curls

"This story has taken a portion of my life I will never get back and I'm not even upset about that. Soon this is going to be #1 in Fanfiction and I'm not going to be surprised."   --  @trashton94

"The character development and the whole fricking storyline - It's hitting me harder than After did."
     -- @theworldofcurly

"Amber, you're like the next Emily Bronte - This is Beautiful!"   --  @xxxlovebugxx

"I wish that this book would get published like After. I seriously want this event to take place!"
      -- @whatamIfeeling

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BlackSkinnyJeans18 BlackSkinnyJeans18 May 29, 2016
Ooh amber darling i want to translate it hehe please allow me please
Tay_Tay_O Tay_Tay_O Aug 15, 2016
I can't get enough of your perfect words in Legitimately Me, so I'm here to absorb them in this book!
- - Mar 05, 2016
Pfft,I eat profanity,drinking,drugs,and the sideways tango for breakfast along with my red velvet pop tarts
sammydodger01 sammydodger01 Aug 11, 2016
Reading this because I can't get enough of your writing and tbh I've no idea why it's taken me so long (i think i've been too absorbed in Legitimately Me)
sunnysunshines sunnysunshines Oct 29, 2015
Ok fair enough but low key imma imagine Harry as Harry because he's Harry and I love Harry
fgim21girl fgim21girl Oct 11, 2015
I just watched the trailer!!! AMAZING!! And the story sounds quite interesting. Karma