Pretty Boy ✧ Mashton

Pretty Boy ✧ Mashton

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☁ By kittieluke Updated Sep 27

❝So pretty boy, you think you can fight me, eh?❞

The buff man asked Michael, laughing- along with the crowd -at how weak looking he looks, not a single muscle on him just a feminine body wearing female clothing. 

Michael stared boredly at the buff man, his long curly hair pulled back in a man bun, smirking down at Michael who had never changed his bored expression. 

Michael blew his pink bubble gum before spitting it out onto the floor, ❝Try me, big boy.❞


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conclvsion conclvsion Nov 11
??? you wouldnt mind that he was a RAPIST because he's attractive ???? what the hell
YourFavAlly YourFavAlly 2 days ago
I'm shaking
                              So nervous
                              I WANT FOOD
YourFavAlly YourFavAlly 2 days ago
                              *dabs until arms hurt*
                              *dabs until nosebleed*
                              *dabs until can't breathe*
                              *dabs in coffin*
                              *dabs in grave*
                              *dabs in afterlife*
                              *dabs with lucifer*
                              *dabs for life*
daddeeeee daddeeeee Sep 08
I deleted pokemon go for this to fit in my library this better be good
YourFavAlly YourFavAlly 2 days ago
                              *pulls out knife* "sorry about that sir." 
                              *fixes bandana and pulls down skirt* 
                              "Forgot I had it, whoops"