The Missing Uchiha (Naruto fan fiction )

The Missing Uchiha (Naruto fan fiction )

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Kira Uchiha. With only a few hours of being born her father made her older brother ,Itachi to get rid of her . 
Then Itachi took her near the Hidden Mist Village and left her. She was alone for a little time that is when Zabuza one of the sevenswords ninja and Haku found her. 
The years pass and she grew too. She was everything that a shinobi need it. She was able to to defeat Zabuza and Haku at the same time with ease. 
She was happy for what she had until that day. Everything change for her. 

By the way this is a story so excuse me if I don't go like in the show because I won't most of the times
The original characters do not belong to me only Kira and some other that I would probably make while writing the story.

Warning.* when I wrote this story I didn't know what was going through my head*

I love how Kira in the picture just lookin like "Got cha bitch"
Hidan is so hilarious!! And him being a criminal simultaneously makes him all the better!
Maybe, in my opinion, that her Mangekyo Sharingan was activated when Zabuza and Haku died. ^-^
                              Lol, not to offend you but you really gotta work on spacing your paragraph dude.
Ha, dude, your spacing in paragraphs is killin' me. No offense. And it was sorta like rushed. ^;^
U don't have enter don't u. Not trying to offend you, just curious.
Like some cussing is ever gonna stop me! There is a reason that I like Hidan so much. His sense if humor is hilarious and the cussing makes it even funnier!