Poverty, Pleasures, and  Basic Needs

Poverty, Pleasures, and Basic Needs

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Micah By TheGaySin Completed

**Needs major editing** 

Regan Simms lives out on the streets, and has for seven months. Now that winter is coming he knows this may be his last few weeks to live because of the cold. 
Seth Brown works at a club a few blocks away from where Regan 'lives'. 
What happens when one morning when Seth gets off, and Regan runs into him stark naked?

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  • dominance
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  • homelessness
ForbiddenHoney ForbiddenHoney Nov 02, 2017
That will be some horrible, soggy noodles if he won't wake up soon.
ForbiddenHoney ForbiddenHoney Nov 02, 2017
How evil does one needs to be to pick up on some homeless guy in the middle of the night >_>
LetUsBeHonest LetUsBeHonest Aug 15, 2017
a comma should be before but. think. as the comma as a super hero and the f-a-n-b-o-y will always follow the comma. f a n b o y stands for: for, and, nor, but, or, yet
Wait, what have him this severe of amnesia because I don't remember him hitting his head. I know traumatic experience can cause you to block out something's, but it shouldn't stretch to everything
Why would you not take help offered from getting off the streets, what sense does that make.
honeysenpai1234 honeysenpai1234 Aug 11, 2017
But were you  naked cause it never said you put Ur boxers on