Hidden (A Transformer Prime Story)

Hidden (A Transformer Prime Story)

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Knockout & Breakdown are my buddies By gold_ice_coffee Completed

I've been hiding on Earth for sometime. But I've been hiding in human form. My friends Jack, Ralph and Miko. I know who their guardians are. But they don't know that. I know that Optimus is on this planet with Megatron still the Decepticon Leader. 

But I rather not get back into the war. I saw all my friends die. And I don't need to see my brother like this. He thought I died, and I want it to stay like that. 

But then 'since' I've seen one of the Autobots. I gotta stay with them. And when I walk in. I see my brother. But he doesn't know I'm his sister. He knows me dead. And I want to keep it like that. 

But, now. I don't know how long I can keep this up. Keep up being hidden. I didn't want to be drawn back into this war. They basically drew me back into it. Life as a human had its down falls. But it was better then being Cybertronian. 

So, I don't know how long I can keep up being hidden.

winteriscool000122 winteriscool000122 Mar 23, 2016
no matter how fast u run u can't out ran the past or who r  -_-
TheConsultingDemigod TheConsultingDemigod Nov 13, 2016
Ender...you play Minecraft?.....my gamer tag was AndrTheEnderGirl for a while....but I keep changing it....
icedragonslayermage icedragonslayermage Oct 06, 2016
me: oh fag........ well hi there i never meat you in my life
                              Optimus: really?
LilSolarHalo LilSolarHalo May 06, 2016
Actually in season 3 when Ratchet is captured Raf admits he was being taught cybertronian