Magcon's New Girl 2 ♡ (major editing)

Magcon's New Girl 2 ♡ (major editing)

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—princess adela❥ By latinaxprincess Completed

This isn't some typical book where a girl joins Magcon and falls in love with one of the guys..♡

Oh no. This is far from that..♡

Just with a different guy.

Adela is now the daughter of Cameron Dallas.♡

Cameron goes through many challenges and faces consequences of having a daughter.♡

While him and the boys are all living together in one big home with O2L as there neighbors, there lives are just simply now completed.♡

They tour around the country having the time of there lives always laughing and joking around.♡

The boys adore Adela still of course, they provide of keeping her happy with joy.♡

Adela also goes through things like school, to
tour, even boys and crushes. Even maybe even having her own movie?.......♡

Many more secrets are revealed though...

Even life changing.♡

Cameron's perfect story is now a rollercoaster when once again the past has came..

Will Cynthia come back?

Will she get adela back?

Will he lose her?

Is cameron gonna give up?

What will happen?

Will this EVEN happen?

Read & Find out.♡

This story includes will make you laugh, cry, but mostly laugh. cx ♡

(Cameron Dallas's Little Princess♡)                   (uh-del-uh)

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randomreader1504 randomreader1504 Mar 20, 2017
 #savage but then again I feel bad for anyone who was walking down town and out of nowhere a flying pan knocks them out lol
aleana9090 aleana9090 Mar 28, 2016
I agree my mom talks Spanish when she doesn't want me to know what there talking about lol
latinaxprincess latinaxprincess Jan 04, 2016
Hehe.😂💝 Thank you so much for commenting babe.😭😍😘❤
TheDolans16 TheDolans16 Jan 04, 2016
I love how they're always fighting over her 😂😂 hilarious