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My Bully (One Direction Fanfic) (AU) (Complete]

My Bully (One Direction Fanfic) (AU) (Complete]

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Bethany By fabulouis123 Updated Sep 30, 2013

What would you do if you got bullied every day?      What would you do if your bully hurt you verbally and physically?    What would you do if your bully was Harry styles?       Presley is a 17 year old student, just trying to get through high school. She has great grades and a perfect family.     But when it comes to her social life, preferably at school, all hell breaks loose.    She's bullied by a boy who use to be her best friend...    Her boyfriend....    Harry styles...    But why does he bully her now?     What has she done, to deserve this all of this cruel punishment?    Find out in,    MY BULLY    _______________________________                                                                                                                                                                      ~*~  Prologue ~*~     "Hi Harry!" I beamed.   He was silent. You could see the anger in his eyes. It was weird.   " you wanted to see me?" I asked trying to change the fact he wasn't talking.     "Harry?" I asked again, laying my hand on his shoulder, he flinched slightly at my touch.   "Is something wrong?"    His breathing started to get heavier.  And before I knew it, Harry's fist came in brutal contact with my cheek.     I started to cry immediately.    "H-h-Harry?!"    "Happy anniversary, bitch."  He spat, almost in tears himself.     He walked away.   I was in shock.   Harry. My Harry, just punched me.    Why?!   _______________________________________    (AN) Hope ya like it!

JackFrostBeliever JackFrostBeliever May 07, 2016
I haven't had my first kiss yet. 🙍🏻🙍🏻🙍🏻🙍🏻😭😭😭😭
gracie_22A gracie_22A Jul 06, 2015
The boy I'm in love with (but he doesn't know:( ) his name is Quentin
If-Im-Louder2010 If-Im-Louder2010 Jun 10, 2015
I JUST finished reading a Harry Bully fanfic and the main characters name is Sophie
harrysidechick1 harrysidechick1 Jan 19, 2015
She shouldn't say sorry she should punch him in the face for touching her
-psychoran- -psychoran- Jul 13, 2014
No young child... He was going to have his first blowjob...ok sorry I'm sorry xD
5ssecondsofhemmo 5ssecondsofhemmo Mar 01, 2014
got excited when they said this cuz my name is Lina and spelled the same too!!!