Hungry Guys Like Hungry Girls... Right? [SLOW UPDATES] [EDITED]

Hungry Guys Like Hungry Girls... Right? [SLOW UPDATES] [EDITED]

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( ̄(工) ̄) By chan_chanx Updated Jun 22, 2016

Things are hard for an exchange student in Japan, especially since everyone is so thin there, but you begin to think there is hope when you become friends with Atsushi and reunite with Kagami. 

 I just wrote this because I am chubby and I hope you can enjoy this regardless of wether you are a little on the heavier side or not. Please enjoy!

All credit for pictures go to original owners.

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ItIsMagic ItIsMagic Nov 09, 2015
Cutie~! <3
                              I'm a chubby person myself and I get teased a lot, but hey, better healthy than skinny right?
NeTo_Desu NeTo_Desu Oct 18, 2015
I still loved it! ^^
chan_chanx chan_chanx Oct 18, 2015
Thank you guys when I read this it made me really happy the next chapter will be up soon! ^ - ^
belle7071 belle7071 Oct 18, 2015
This is really great!!!!! 
                              I love stories like these because I'm chubby as well. 
                              Please update soon!!!!
NeTo_Desu NeTo_Desu Oct 03, 2015
Sugoi ^^
                               Keep up the great work
                              Hope you update soon! ♪^▽^ ♪