Tempestade (The Encante: Book 3) 🐬⚡️

Tempestade (The Encante: Book 3) 🐬⚡️

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Coco Nichole By CocoNichole Updated Mar 10

Tempestade // Tem - pah - stah - jee  // (Noun): A great and terrible storm of untold power; Tempest.

When the Jade Palace is destroyed and the dolphins are driven from their island homes, Mestra Sofia, Mestre Julio and his disciples are forced to travel East to seek help from the elusive Silver Clan. There the Oracle holds the last hope for ending the war between the clans of Jade, Gold, and Stone.

Sofi soon finds herself traversing through a territory with no laws, no clans, and no limits. In order to survive and avoid capture, she must abandon what she knows about Capoeira and adopt the Mainland's primal methods of staying alive. This means forming bonds with unlikely allies and reconnecting with Encantados of the past.

Hidden clans, ruthless bounty hunters, and legendary giants await Sofi and her companions in the Mainland's interior. Meanwhile, Val's army of mutated Encantados pursue them from behind. 

Will the journey lead our heroes to restoring a lost prophecy? Or will they be swept up in the Tempestade - the greatest and most terrible storm in the history of the Encante?

A New World awaits . . .

*This is an UNEDITED version of Tempestade. I intend to use Wattpad as a means to draft until it is ready for publishing. All criticisms and suggestions are welcome. Jadelings, help me finish this series!
Copyright 2015 © by Coco Nichole
Art by Mezamero: http://mezamero.deviantart.com/art/White-wolf-310234634

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TomatoFlyer TomatoFlyer May 16, 2016
But seriously tho. I REALLY look your stories. I keep reading them at every single chance I get. You should get your creations published! I WILL buy them.
linahanson linahanson Jan 16, 2016
It's so much easier when you have these things pre-cooked so to speak... Updating as you write is a nightmare. Respect - you have so many differentt stories and voices! XD
cause_im_justice cause_im_justice Dec 05, 2015
I'm so excited to read this book. 
                              But I don't want it to end! Hahah.
_Liwia_ _Liwia_ Nov 10, 2015
Okay, finally, I'm gonna read this book
                              Its like month from the day i finished the second one but I get too into your books and can't concentrate into anything else cuz I just want to read xD
lavenderstar lavenderstar Oct 12, 2015
Hehe 'slow' updates every two weeks?  I'm lucky if I get something written once a month!  This is totally fine!  I'm looking forward to seeing the new adventure Tempestade brings  :D
Tyrionix Tyrionix Oct 03, 2015
I'm so excitedly excited! -grabs camping gear- Adventure, here I come!