Infinity {Mpreg} (Ziam)

Infinity {Mpreg} (Ziam)

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a. By lilacthorns Updated Aug 13

Where Liam and Zayn used to be high school sweethearts a couple of years ago before they broke up for a long period of time. But now they're back together again and stronger than ever.

Or in which Liam is a successful lawyer, working and going on business trips to handle the largest cases in the continent and Zayn is the stay at home boyfriend who is getting quite impatient because Liam hasn't put a ring on it yet.

(I promise the book is actually better than what it sounds like.)

lilacthorns™ · Annia

Cover: @HunterMay18

I can just imagine Harry imitation Zayn, " that you yeah? I can't hear ya" 😂😂
I wanna Ziam rp with you. I'ma decent bottom Zayn (hint hint hint)