Rebel  (Civil War Period)

Rebel (Civil War Period)

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"I promise to never forget you, Jasper Whitlock."

"That promise might be the only one I will ever be able to give you, too, Georgiana Ellwood. You'll always be in my heart, even if it does not please you being held by a rebel."

A rebel's heart it was... 

Countries are at war, Georgiana Ellwood, helps an enemy who took refuge in her house and treated her wounds. They soon develop a bond, which is a crime in the eyes of the people.

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heyhannahj heyhannahj Oct 13, 2016
This is a good beginning, but I noticed a lot of grammar problem. You switched between verb tenses a lot--from present to past and back again. It made it kind of hard for me to read.
JasminePaige_ JasminePaige_ Nov 10, 2016
Sweet baby Jesus. This is like 'sncienixnskxna' yah know? 😂
jimbpgf jimbpgf Aug 17, 2015
This is really bugging me because Kentucky was neutral, it wasn't sided with the north or south and this is making is seem like it is.
HollyBear98 HollyBear98 Mar 10, 2014
if you're implying that she is tired you should know that women were to take afternoon naps at 3 in that era
dark_angel1011 dark_angel1011 Jun 22, 2013
@EverlarkerSwiftie3. Aww.. Thank u soo much.! That means alott..! :)
nightshadelovrgal nightshadelovrgal Jun 18, 2013
Sexy human sexy.....*drools over hotness* :D I LOVE JASPER!!!!!!!!!!!