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Crazy In Love (Lauren/You)

Crazy In Love (Lauren/You)

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gracie By iamgraciee Completed

You're an 19 year old spy, sent into high school to protect five girls. These five girls are in important families. All of the family members agreed to you to protect them. 

And one of them catches your eyes; Lauren Jauregui.
why not

Narry_Eazy21 Narry_Eazy21 2 days ago
One Direction and Little Mix! Do they count? And TØP is my favorite band
damnitally damnitally Jan 29
It's kinda awkward everytime I read stories of 5h cause my name's ally too so it's kike hi ally im ally lol
damnitally damnitally Jan 30
me, I hate shopping but if there's any Nirvana or Iron Maiden shirt I'm like gtf outta my way
H-Steps H-Steps Feb 19
I don't know who broke up with who, and for what reason, but I just can't bear the thought of Mama Sunshine Ally curled up under a blanket, bawling her eyes out :'(
RomonaAustin16 RomonaAustin16 5 days ago
I'm pansexy and like if I think your cute accept it. Like theres this trans girl and she's cute when she's alone.