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@Camilacabello97: I just miss us. I miss what we had and I miss what we used to be. 

@Camilacabello97: I hate that you found happiness and it wasn't wish me...

@Camilacabello97: Even if you called me 6 months from now I'll still answer the call like nothing bad ever happened between us.

@Camilacabello97: You made me fall for you every minute of the day, but then you dropped me like I meant nothing. 

@Camilacabello97: You fucking destroyed me... So why do I still love you with every bone in my body?

Have you ever been heartbroken? If you have then you'll agree with me that it's the worse feeling in the world. Especially when you thought that you and him/her were going to be together forever. I can't even talk about my feelings to him, so Twitter is the best way for me to communicate how I'm feeling. The internet is my escape from this messed up world. It's a way of me being myself without anyone judging me or jumping down my throat because I said or did something wrong. 

I heard m...

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siorahako siorahako Aug 15, 2017
2nd biggest dream. first was have my picture taken with camila and lauren, like a camren sandwich. which by now, would never ever happen. 😭
Camren_Iz_Real052703 Camren_Iz_Real052703 May 24, 2017
I wish butttttt if Lauren followed me she'd probably block me after that 😂😂
hogwartsD hogwartsD Feb 20
First of all I’m glad it’s not lauren second of all the last thing she said is the wrongest ever!
B00kworm_4_Life B00kworm_4_Life Apr 07, 2017
Wow when did Camila take this it's so beautiful, so beautiful 😂
I_just_ship_people I_just_ship_people Dec 20, 2016
I'm reading camren fanfic so I can get my head off camila leaving fifth harmony but now I'm crying 😭😭
ssweet-dreamscape ssweet-dreamscape Dec 10, 2016
Of course it's dorito boy who broke my angels heart! Imma whoop his ass👊 But tbh she's "better of without you" ( see what I did there )😂