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cœur brisé   ♚ By harrysbabyyy Updated Aug 15, 2017

"you were never going to chose me, were you harry? all those lies of leaving your wife, you just led me on." her voice cracked as tears streamed down her face. 

harry looked from his former lover to his wife who's jaw was clenched and lips were pressed together in a thin, tight line. she wasn't happy. 

"sorry, ma'am. i don't think i remember meeting you. you probably have the wrong guy," he looked at her apologetically, guilt showing clearly in his eyes. 

erin stood there with a satisfied smile and a devilish glint in her orbs as she watched the poor girl break right in front of her. 

"your right, harry. you are the wrong guy. i just can't believe it took me this long to realize it." she whispered. 

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cuntyass cuntyass 12 hours ago
this is one of a thousand reasons why i believe
                              no sex before marriage 
                              bcs kids, we all want love not lust #cuntyassforpresident
SuckmyAshleylol123 SuckmyAshleylol123 Mar 23, 2017
If the guy cheating with the girl and the girl knows he has a lover then you a hoë cuuuuuuuz that's wrong and nasty idc
Stylesdrink Stylesdrink Aug 17, 2017
well that's kinda what happens when you decide to be someone's wh0re and choose the s!ut lifestyle i dont make the rules
Stylesdrink Stylesdrink Aug 17, 2017
okay but like i will never understand why people feel bad for the other woman when the other woman knows damn well she IS the other woman. its different when she thinks the guy is single
xx_Bored xx_Bored Jul 28, 2016
I just read this and I'm already mad like girl leave him this story sound good asf and its only the prologue ❤️😭
_Paige54059_ _Paige54059_ Nov 05, 2016
So she has no money, so she donates her husband's well earned money to a charity?