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Sasusaku Fanfics ♥️

Sasusaku Fanfics ♥️

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Af-Chan By AfAfreen Updated Jan 15

There's an exclusive collection of Sasusaku Fanfics written my be..!
1) Ino pig how can u do that to me ?! I don't want to go on a date! That too a Blind Date ? No freaking way! Oh forehead be a good sport! 
It was hard enough for Sakura to go on a blind date.. But what would happen when Sasuke decides to follow her ?
2) Team 7 has to go to a far away place for a mission.. They stop at a town to spend the night... What will happen when the three 14 years olds will have to share 'one hotel room'!? That too with only one bed? Read on to find out!
3) Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are due to give their Jounin exams soon... What will happen when Kakashi decides to help his former team in learning an added skill for the S-rank missions? The skill which is called Flirting? Would team 7 ever be able to learn this skill? Who will be the best at it?
4) Ever thought what falling in love is? Maybe there are signs to tell you! Ever thought about them! No matter how arrogant, asshole you are.. Love is something that will get to you.. One way or the other!
5) Sakura and Sasuke have known each other since their Kindergarten... But the twist is that Sakura didn't like him at all during her Kindergarten! And that's all coz of a Crayon! Read on find find the story behind it..
6) Dinner with the Uchiha's? Good or bad? Do u expect fireworks of laughter or other wise? Sasuke knew something was going on when his three teammates offered to walk him home. "Oh, you must have dinner with us tonight!" No mom, no. Poor Sasuke wasn't completely prepared for the permanent mental scarring.
7) What do u think will happen if 2 people who hate each other get locked up in a room near a snow mountain! At -5 degrees? Would something happen? Would they fall in love?
8) What happenes in a hot shower between to sexually fustrated ninjas? Lemons of course! This is an extra special chapter to celebrate 1K+ reads! Contains *adult content* not for children under the age of 13..

soul_tail1234 soul_tail1234 Sep 22, 2016
I honestly thought he through a trash can at him then ran! 😂😂
soul_tail1234 soul_tail1234 Sep 22, 2016
Me and that guy are both called soul........ ( grabs chainsaw) There can only be one.
IIKawaiiII IIKawaiiII Jan 27
I just had a fangirl seizure...BECAUSE THIS IS TOO KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OnEarthToClouds OnEarthToClouds Oct 12, 2016
I thought he was sitting of a a tree branch or something and fall of
AlwaysTisha87 AlwaysTisha87 Sep 24, 2016
Is he actually saying this out loud because 😂😂 people could be listening
txdesi txdesi Jul 02, 2016
Damn sasuke!!!😣 You've officially become a perv😑, have you been reading kakashi's books?😕