An Evil Shadow - A Val Bosanquet Mystery

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AJ Davidson By ajdavidson Completed
The first book in a series of crime thrillers. Val Bosanquet, a former New Orleans detective, is offered a job as Chief of a campus PD. A Haitian child killer he helped convict for the murder of her mother has just been enrolled at the university. Val stumbles across new evidence. Corporate corruption and Voodoo make for a volatile mix in the Deep South.
Very good book! It capture New Orleans scenery well being a native I was to picture everything vividly
great read. I really enjoyed every page. anyone know what the sequel is called?
I am speechless! This is a very good story. I like that the end didn't quite end as everyone expected. There were a couple of mistakes here and there. But overall, i would rate this as one of the best stories on wattpad. @ajdavidson
An interesting and well-researched read; I am sure Wheatley would have gasped, but I cannot resist mentioning the De Palma-esque blood-on-breasts imagery, too...This kind of thing is right up my street...
Also... you refer to the girl as 'mulatto'. This is a term that denotes an ethnic bacground, not merely a skin tone. One of her parents would have had to be white. I haven't finished the story, so perhaps that is the case... but you describe both her parents as Haitian, so...