Levi X Neko Eren

Levi X Neko Eren

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The world is  cruel place. After getting abused neko Eren runs away and gets put into a pound.

After Hanji persuades him, Levi goes to the pound and gets the small kitten but after Hanji and Levi go to the vets and thy do a blood test on Eren they both soon start to unravel the small neko's past.


I really like this!! I just discovered watt pad... true to form i immediately searched ereri lol
Hmmm... Hanji come over here for a sec? *grabs hanji* .... now tell me do you think you cant turn me into a neko? Or give me a tail and ears at least? *pleads and she nods excitedly*  yes!! Thanks hanji chaannn~ !!
I definitely don't ship them, but hangë DOES need to back the f up (mikasa too) to make way for ereri
*kneels in front of Eren* point them out to me sweetie, I shall kill them with the dullest of the dull baby spoons. *points to a hulk of a man* *gulps and grabs baby spoon* let's go get em!! *breaks spoon trying to cut hulk beast man thingy's heart out* shīt.
Hey that's exactly what my parents said to me " LETS GO GET YOU A FRIEND" and then I moved in with that friend hmm MY LIFES A FANFIC
Why has nobody ever heard of this ship before!??? Its like been my otp for aggeessss