Levi X Neko Eren

Levi X Neko Eren

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The world is  cruel place. After getting abused neko Eren runs away and gets put into a pound.

After Hanji persuades him, Levi goes to the pound and gets the small kitten but after Hanji and Levi go to the vets and thy do a blood test on Eren they both soon start to unravel the small neko's past.


                              I WILL LOVE YOU
                              I ALWAYS WILL
Smexy_German_Boi104 Smexy_German_Boi104 Aug 26, 2017
*kneels in front of Eren* point them out to me sweetie, I shall kill them with the dullest of the dull baby spoons. *points to a hulk of a man* *gulps and grabs baby spoon* let's go get em!! *breaks spoon trying to cut hulk beast man thingy's heart out* shīt.
aobaxnoizxclear aobaxnoizxclear Nov 17, 2017
Hey that's exactly what my parents said to me " LETS GO GET YOU A FRIEND" and then I moved in with that friend hmm MY LIFES A FANFIC
Wait, wait, WAIT 
                              Dose Levi have a kink for the human with ears and tails form!?
Levi: “Shut up” -two seconds later- “what is it?”
                              Hanji: “but you told me to shut u-“
                              Levi: “Shut your goddamn mouth and tell me what it is”
                              Hanji: -mumbles incoherently-
                              Levi: “that’s better.”
ooYukkioo ooYukkioo Sep 27, 2017
Hmmmmmm... URC. This is gonna bother me. Jaeger •~• (don't kill me please)