♔Parents react to Hetalia Characters♔

♔Parents react to Hetalia Characters♔

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AxisSunflower By axissunflower Updated Jul 04

So, basically, I got my parents and my grandma to react to tons of Hetalia characters. WARNING-THESE ARE HILARIOUSLY TRUE AND YOU WILL LAUGH!!! 

*cough* France *cough* 

Since this has gotten so big, if there's a character not in here that you REALLY want to see included, just ask! I try to read all comments. (It's daunting, but pretty cool.) 

***these are 100% my parents straight reactions. I've done no editing, no switching words around to make it funnier, nothing. I have the voice recordings to prove it.***

*goes up to your dad and grandma*
                              okay listen up 
                              THAT IS IN THE PAST 
                              we all make mistakes 
                              some bigger then others 
                              just like him 
                              that is in the past
Yes, Mr.Italy is Hitler...He is the reincarnation of Hitler in an anime....
so true. I have a feeling my parents would say the same thing
I shouldn't be laughing, considering the fact most of my heritage is German.
He is my cinnamon ro-
                              NO HE IS NOT HITLER
*starts crying* First you call Italy Hitler and now you call Germany a n-Nazi....I hate this right now...