Eyeless Jack x Reader x Dr.Smiley  (Lemon)

Eyeless Jack x Reader x Dr.Smiley (Lemon)

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💛 By EunSoo1510 Updated Nov 08

This is my first creepypasta x reader fanfic. I made it for a birthday for my friend. You guys could also try reading it too. Have fun!

You are working in a hospital. You work for money because you needed it for your mother who is sick and in the hospital. Everything went fine until... A new doctor came and worked there. Many nurses fall for him as he was hot. But for you, you didn't mind as now your not focusing on love. Then,you met a guy in a park. He was wearing black jacket sitting on the bench. You thought he look cool but you just forget about it. He came and talk to you and you guys became friends. But..... What will you do when you  know their dark secrets....?....

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oh got may this please be a fast elevator with out a emergency stop
Next thing you know you wake up from a dream and your like holy crap
WildeKatz WildeKatz Apr 14
Great story line! Honestly, I think it jumps into meeting E.J. a little too quickly... But I'm not a story writer, so who am I to complain?
Putaemin Putaemin Feb 23, 2016
O.O pinned me up again the elevator wall! What is this 50 shades of grey ((cough)) ((cough)) more like 50 shades of E.J
CatOnYourBed CatOnYourBed Oct 25, 2016
My name is ej tho 0_o am I like "Ej... Ej huh?" this wud be a rly weird convo
SaltyPersonXD SaltyPersonXD Oct 17, 2015
But but but but but but but this was not suppose to end up like this DX