Fairy Lights • Malia Tate [1]

Fairy Lights • Malia Tate [1]

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Jaime By silentassassin21 Updated Sep 02

Willow Martin isn't like her twin sister. Lydia finds dead bodies and predicts death; Willow sleep-walks to burial sites and can conjure small flames in her hand. 

Unlike all her supernatural friends, Willow isn't mentioned in the bestiary, not once. So her strange powers are left for her to discover by herself, while also escaping assassins, dealing with Kate Argent's resurrection and falling in love. 

❝ "Like something rotting," Malia said, looking like she was about to gag. Willow brought her into her hug, forcing the taller girl to breathe in her hair. Willow had washed it the night before, so she knew it smelt like vanilla, which was probably preferable to what was likely rotting corpses. 

They stood there, Willow clutching onto Malia and the werecoyote breathing her hair, for a few minutes before Derek called out for them. They released each other, but Malia refused to let go of Willow's hand as they walked to where Derek was. ❞ - twelve

-voidbonnie -voidbonnie Jun 05
This story is so suspenseful. It's more suspenseful than who Greenberg is
-voidbonnie -voidbonnie Jun 05
That's literally when you make a mistake in your story and someone corrects it. "I DONT GIVE FÛCK."
Malia is most likely to be bi because, I think Coyotes mate with the same gender sometimes.