Moonlight Desire (BoyxBoy)

Moonlight Desire (BoyxBoy)

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Rylan Avery Thompson is a nerd and fat guy who wears old rounded glass. He takes a culinary course, because he has passion for cooking. He grows in an orphanage institution and was kicked out when he passed the legal age. He doesn't know anything about him or even has an information on his family background except the day his savior found him on a dirty sewer drain. He rents a rundown apartment with his closest friend, Reese. He despises love, couple, and marriages. Why? Because that's the reason of his unwanted existence and miserable life.

Ivan Ullrick Kendall is the Alpha of Crimson Moon Knight, he is almost twenty-six, but his mate nowhere in his sight which caused him frustration and jealousy to slowly torments his heart. Where his mate? Maybe his mate had already left the world or has not come of age yet. Everyday he battles with the same question over and over. His pack tries to avoid anything that is related to the Luna topic.

So what will they do, when the fate twist their path together as one? The pairing between the God Greek and the King of Cholesterol.

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Nah. Big people are like teddy bears! I am a Teddy Bear, because everyone says I'm like one. My girlfriend, my best friends, everyone.
CoralCrumb CoralCrumb Nov 05
I love this beginning. It grabs your attention, but the grammar issue is distracting. I like to put that it is a rough draft in my description to warn readers and whether or not I want feedback. Some people want it and others get offended so it helps.
My_Xiene My_Xiene Nov 18
This is my first time reading one of the main characters as a fat guy to be mated with a wolf and an alpha at that. I mean i had read the abused, "omega" and psychologically wrecked characters in a werewolf mate set up. Most of them having beautiful features even if they were abused and whatnot.
ChillGear ChillGear Nov 27
im sorry but i cant breathe that snatched my soul 😂😂😂
I just of that one animated short "The Dog"
                              That made me cry😭😭😭
First thought: "Well they gonna be feeling salty when it's bigger than theirs." Lol I'm special.