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Hikaru x reader x Kaoru

Hikaru x reader x Kaoru

138K Reads 5.6K Votes 25 Part Story
~ By -MrsDreyar- Completed

Haruhi and (y/n) think that their year at Ouran Academy will be normal. They are wrong , instead they meet the Host Club of the school and have fun. But (y/n) had the best time with a famous pair of mischievous twins.

*do not own Ouran high school host club. I only own the characters I add*

Tbh I would actually choke, I've chocked on so many things and one of them was air.
CydneyStone CydneyStone a day ago
Hm...5 hot guys and an adorable munchkin(Honey is my favorite).Nice
DogBarkBark DogBarkBark Mar 15
*sees host club*
                              Jeebuz focken crisps
                              *Closes the door and left*
CydneyStone CydneyStone a day ago
A black jacket over a mint green tank top,black jeans,and lace up boots.Plys my earing that looks like scissors.
Ok I'm not an honor student makes sense I suck at math I like science but I sucked at that too everything else is cool tho
xX_FaithIsHere_Xx xX_FaithIsHere_Xx Aug 10, 2016
I just looked up how to say my name in Japanese for this! XD!