You Are My Love {Laurance x Reader}

You Are My Love {Laurance x Reader}

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You ran away from your village when you were 7, you end  up in Phoenix Drop 12 years later, what happens when you meet someone special? What happens if they find out your secret? Find out in You Are My Love.

{}English isn't my first language so my grammar will suck and this is my first ___ x reader so yeah. It may have a few curse words here and there{}
Completed: May 20, 2016
Highest Rank (that I know of): #63 in fanfiction on August 3, 2016

Please go read another one of my stories, only read this if you want to cringe, this was the first story I ever wrote and I promise my writing has gotten better, at least I hope it has... anyway, be warned! This story will cause a lot of cringe!!

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Ok I can't read that without imagining zane's voice though😂
Helment Head, The smurf, and the turd. Idk whats wrong with my mind.
I LOVE CATS!!!!!!!!! kitties adorable and I'm callin' her Ellie
What's your guys and the tree's ship name?mine is treesper(vesper and treeXD)
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Everyone is like sureeeeeeeeee im like what does uptight mean?