A Chandler Riggs Sex Story

A Chandler Riggs Sex Story

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A sexual story centered around Chandler Riggs. This story will contain vivid descriptions of sexual content, and has been rated Mature for that reason. 

Chandler is the new boy in school (not cliche at all right) and meets Allie. The two quickly begin to fall for each other, and waste little time getting to the fun stuff! ;D

** If you're just here for the sex, then any chapter titles that sound even remotely sexual probably have sex in them, so you can jump around to those xD**

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VicToppingKellin VicToppingKellin Jul 08, 2017
Omygod this is true. I mean its not like i look at Chans butt on TV or anything hehe.............
TheWxlkingDeadFan TheWxlkingDeadFan Dec 21, 2017
My sneeze is like a cat.  People makr fun of my sneeze all the time
VicToppingKellin VicToppingKellin Jul 08, 2017
Im a girl and my voice cracks alot and ill be over her coughing and clearing my throat but it just doesnt help
DiscontinuedR5er DiscontinuedR5er May 20, 2017
(Except chandler whos secretly on the bus in the seat behind you listening)
                              Imma laugh if im right lmaoooo
AN931AWR1T3S AN931AWR1T3S Dec 18, 2017
I was in school and I was talking and my voice cracked and then a guy behind me says that he's never heard a girls voice crack before, it sucks because my voice cracks every day
biwie-dawn biwie-dawn Jan 24, 2017
Oh god the vision of enid and carl kissing just came in to mind