Peck of Gold (Gold Series #2) | DISCONTINUED

Peck of Gold (Gold Series #2) | DISCONTINUED

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simone By simonesaidwhat Updated Sep 11, 2016

With a jealous former Queen for a sister and knowledge of a secret the King is keen on keeping, Czarina Tchaikovskaya's life just got a bit more complicated. Add in blackmail, a blood pact, and a possible threesome, and you've got a big, big mess on your hands. 

[Book 4 in the Gold series, following the events of All That is Gold, In the Realms of Gold, and Nothing Gold Can Stay, which can all be found under "All That is Gold (Gold Series #1)"]

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I'm scared to start this book incase it will kill me like the last one
Am I the only one who really sorta likes them and wants them happy? Probably haha
Trixie1012 Trixie1012 3 days ago
Omgomgomg I never find stories with a character as the same name as me!!!!
rubileekim rubileekim Jun 27
Please continue this book! I havent read this yet but I know this will be good!♥️
Is it bad I still really like him? Even if he is satans child there's just something so lovable about him 😂🙌🏻
daenerysensate daenerysensate Sep 11, 2016
funny thing is that in Russia there aren't kings and queens but czars and her name is czar-ina does this mean that there's a new queen coming I hope that she ends those fückers