Blind Love - Blind Stiles - Sterek

Blind Love - Blind Stiles - Sterek

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Mira Heart By MiraHeartWild Updated Jun 17

Stiles had an accadent when he was younger that caused him to lose his eyesight. He is still his quirky snarky self and sarcasm is still his best defense. Now if only his new Landlord wouldnt be such a sour grouchy guy maybe his life would be a bit better. 

Derek is an introvert. He doesnt like being around anyone. Let alone some blind spastic boy that has a way of getting under his skin. But it is kind of hard to stay away from someone when they live in the building you own and are renovating 

Blind Stiles- Humans/no were wolves


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This is my favourite book I have ever read on Wattpad and I am reading it for the 5th time
Maddhatter1997 Maddhatter1997 Aug 14, 2016
Stiles with blue eyes is a little freaky but I get it for the blindness thing
kazemomo kazemomo Nov 23, 2016
If I wasn't already lying down, I would fall over laughing. XD
QellinKuinn QellinKuinn May 08, 2016
I don't know who these people are but I'm reading this anyway
SterekIsMyAir SterekIsMyAir Dec 07, 2015
Darn it would have been awesome with wolves, but hey I'll probably still love it ❤❤
TazorQueen TazorQueen Nov 18, 2015
Derek: *is feeling bad for blinde Stiles and is watching him so he doesn't fall* don't use the elevator
                              Stiles: I haven't used it since I got locked in there 7 hours, dude
                              Derek: don't call me dude *slams door shut*