Peeing & Pooping stories

Peeing & Pooping stories

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PoopingPeeing By PoopingPeeing Updated Oct 04, 2015

Claire was late for her wedding! She changed into her gown and rushed out of the house, forgetting about peeing.

She slammed the car door closed after hopping inside. There the groom was, waiting patiently. Her father was driving the car.

Claire felt the bladder inside her filling up. She couldn't pee now! It was at the highway!

Her fiance saw her squirming and fidgeting around, trying to dig inside her body. She actually wanted to hold her crotch to hold it better.

"What's up, Claire? Want the toilet?" the groom offered as he picked up a plastic bag and handed it to her.

"No thanks... I'm just itchy." she lied through her teeth.

She dug her hand inside herself and held her crotch tightly. The urge was building up, bit by bit.

~At the church~

As all the guests filed in, she knew there was no turning back or going to the toilet. It would be embarassing! She regretted choosing a short dress for her wedding.

At the corner of her eye, she also saw one of the kids holding her own c...

If I say my opinion on this story and how I relate, everybody will think I'm weird for not controlling my god dang self. CHILL, SELF, CHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
Can you updated this story with me and a good character name.
👌 I love this story too, because I was practicing 🏃 for a race, I had a accident on myself because their was do bathroom opening and I pee on myself.
holnya holnya Aug 28, 2016
can someone make continuation of this? or manga or anime? XD
NarutoDragneel NarutoDragneel Mar 28, 2016
holnya holnya Aug 28, 2016
what happened after chloe found out? did she feels bad or not? XD