If I Take That Chance

If I Take That Chance

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Sherly Susan By SherlySusan Completed

On her wedding day, Sam Sheppard would have bolted out of the door if she hadn't remembered why she agrees to marry Luke Russo on the first place. She is standing there on the altar now and she knows that there is no turning back. She must kiss him, her best friend as her new husband.

Sam has her own reason to marry Luke, the only grandson of the eccentric billionaire, Mr Russo Sr. While Luke is simply trapped by his grandad's request.
With all the pretenses and arrangements that Sam has to play and follow, she has fallen deeper into the game and she realizes that money is not the only reason for her to marry her best friend. Sam is in love with Luke but his insecurity and mixes signal towards her worsened their friendships up to the point where Luke has to give her divorce paperwork. 

If I take That Chance is a sweet romance novel which will take readers into an exciting, romantic, whirlwind of a  journey between two best friends who haven't realized for themselves what true love really means until an uncompromising situation made them to discover and express what and how they truly feel for each other.


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hdhshjgf745 hdhshjgf745 Mar 12, 2017
I'm  sure  these  guys  share  the  same  feelings  how  will  the  two  guys  cope  nows 
                              .....hummmm  it's  gonna  be  painful
washmabutt washmabutt Jun 25, 2016
u know I read dis story 2014 and I forgot about it but now dat I found it I want to tell u how amazing it is I so luv it
MmmmAlgo MmmmAlgo Apr 13, 2016
I love the beginning... im really expecting to be eccentric good.
- - Mar 07, 2016
OlufunkeOke OlufunkeOke Feb 20, 2015
Is this true among the rich to pressurize their heirs to marry especially girls of lower class? Even if not, Sam's reaction is natural.
kaitlynrh kaitlynrh Feb 04, 2015
Just having a friend like this would be so awesome ♡ I would love to have him as a best friend ♡