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Was this all Fate??

Was this all Fate??

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Elles & Steph By missxelles Updated Feb 17, 2011

Since 16-years old Silver Lockhart could remember, Casey Tenson, Michael Harley, Dixon Roswell and Collegean Sander  had been her guy best friends - and well, her only friends. When the group of best friends had been about 12-years old - geeky and going through that awkward stage of growing - her closest friend out of the boys, Collegean had had to move away and it'd been the last time they'd ever saw him. For then.
About 4 years later when the crazy four had ditched their glasses, braces and bad acne, it was Silver's turn to move schools. Though she could still meet up with them, the thought of needing to have a whole new group of friends and not being about to hang out as much with the boys, saddened her. Although, that wasn't going to stop her. And just as she'd hoped, she'd gotten accepted into a new group. So, maybe switching schools wasn't going to be so bad? That was what Silver had wished but when she runs into a certain pretty boy called Dustin Warring, she swore her life was going to be ruined by this egotistic, big-headed, jerk-face ass wipe. But being the 'played rough, go tough' type of girl, she was prepared to wage war with Dustin. 
But....will she be able to keep her guard up? Especially when a new just-as-hot-headed dark hair boy joins the neighbourhood - or should we say, comes back to the neighbourhood? That' right, that very boy seems awfully familiar to Silver. 
Let's just say, I wonder WHO could've lost those geeky glasses and returned from a far away place....maybe from....a private baording school across the country? 
Well, whoever it is, Silver is about to expect a lot more out of him. Oh, I must've forgotten to say but....that new boy doesn't seem to be the same nerdy person he was back then. He wants to get in Silver Lockhart's pants.

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