Stuck From the Start || OHSHC (BoyxBoy)

Stuck From the Start || OHSHC (BoyxBoy)

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Kat~ By PENGUIN_POTTER Updated Jan 07, 2016

Kioshi was happy living in the shadows. It was quieter, darker, and even lonelier. But apparently life has other plans for him.

His sister starts going to the Host Club?
His brother is rescued by a certain flamboyant blonde?

Kioshi is pulled from is life of peace. He's trapped in roses and cosplay.
He can't get out, no matter how hard he tries.

But then again, Kioshi was stuck from the start.

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Am I the only one thinking avatar the last airbender avatar kioshi and tachibana from aoharu x kikanjuu
potions that can poison others......
                              and a wizard that CAN KILL THERE ENEMIES
clowns are scary af......cats are okay there little devil babies that you wanna snuggle with........the dark! the DARK is amazing i feel relaxed in it, the dark helps clear my mine sometimes...
I feel like i read this somewhere before?
                              I think the book was called 'The colorful type' Yea Yuki acts like sora from that book
NightwolfX3 NightwolfX3 Aug 27, 2016
.... Am I pan or straight?!?! Cuz I agree with people liking whatever gender they want but I prefer boys........ I'm confused and I think I'm demisexual as well
destinycreate destinycreate Apr 01, 2016
*squeals* Ahhhhh all these characters are awesome *fans self*