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Strong Love (Natsu X Reader)

Strong Love (Natsu X Reader)

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It's lit🔥 By natsufangirl2000 Updated Aug 15, 2016

"Here she is! The strongest Mage in all of Magnolia, (y/n) (l/n)!"

The crowd goes wild as the female steps out from the dark and into the light of the Grand Magic Games Arena. (y/n) isn't in a guild so the Grand Magic Games are like her home now. She is the ultimate challenge. If any guild were to defeat her, they would automatically win the games. And nobody has beat her.

Nah... I'm happy and I had a pretty good past or I should say normal! XD
WerewolfManiac WerewolfManiac Aug 23, 2016
This is like my hole school cheering fot my while playing dodgeball, there was only someone else and I playing! I threw the dodgeball and next thing I know, my guy friend is  carring in his shoulders and everyone walking cheering beside him. xD
merrytail123 merrytail123 Feb 24, 2016
Heart less jerk didn't even cared for the one who was injured for that money *scowl*
Its_idiocity Its_idiocity Feb 25, 2016
Does anyone not notice the name Alfred is in blood in roses no ok I'll shut up
This is true, I did have a hard time growing up as a child  so friggin poor all the time. Called names. My dad left us because he kept abusin me. My brother has he same name as my dad and he abuses me to.
obscureheart- obscureheart- May 29, 2016
Omg that picture doe...Its me in RP's...The title is also SO true. If you read my book of quotes you'll see why...