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Wait... He's A Girl!?     [Editing]

Wait... He's A Girl!? [Editing]

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Luna Mariposa By XxOtaku_iNSaNiTYxX Updated Apr 16

Mori X OC X ( a little bit ) Karou
"BROTHER! SISTER! Please... don't leave me alone...... DONT LEAVE ME!"
Instead of birthday presents, she had harsh training. Instead of wearing dresses, she wore her bandages decorated with her own blood. Redd was always a tomboy, strongly detesting girly gossip and Barbies since she was young. Well, at least, she was forced to hate them. It just stuck to her.

Every tear she had shed before was an act. 

Every friend she made was sooner of later thrown away.

Every promise she had made was discarded.

Every smile she made was always a fake.  Well, unless she had candy.

Never to show any emotion except anger and a blank space, except to people she trusts. 

Unfortunately, that was no one, or at least, no one that she thought was gone from her life forever. It all just shut down for her immediately since her memory loss at the incident. Even though she gets flashbacks now and then, they don't really do much.

She escaped that life long ago and, unfortunately, got stuck in another; the life of a singer.

Ever since she joined Ouran Academy, she finds strange things happening. She may meet old friends and enemies or meet new ones, her walls could crumble, someone might die, she might go insane, she maybe go to new places, or... fall in love? But with who?
She may curse- oh who am I kidding? She almost always curses.
The cover doesn't belong to me, plus, I suck at descriptions if you couldn't tell already.
This book is dedicated to one of my BFF's for reasons that are private! Even if she doesn't know that it's dedicated to her.

SophieBella10 SophieBella10 Sep 23, 2016
Fighting, nalu, sweets, and winter. Can we make sure im not redd
Vanilla-hime Vanilla-hime Feb 20, 2016
Do you mean 'Departure' as in the Hunter x Hunter theme song?