Complicated ✧ Larry Stylinson

Complicated ✧ Larry Stylinson

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au; Louis accepts a high-paying nanny job in order to help his roommate pay the bills. The only thing is that his boss, Harry, is taking time off of work and he's really attractive and it's hard to focus on a baby when there's a 6 foot tall hot man walking around the house all day. 


in which Louis works for Harry, and Harry has a wife, but Louis doesn't really care about that (and neither does Harry), and it's all quite complicated.

omg, this reminds me of a book or movie where a little girl said how weird it is that they always eat dinner for dinner and so they started eating breakfast for dinner, but i can't remember the title, noooo
The only work I've ever did was volunteering at a homeless shelter when i was like 13.
babyxqueen babyxqueen Mar 26
Funny how I applied there three weeks ago and they keep dodging me
- - Jun 16
oh hell no, i rather get ran over by a bus then work at mc don don's people treat the cashiers like shít same for walmart like idgaf i will work anywhere but those two companies
- - Jun 16
this story is v relatable me and my friend want to do this, what a coincidence
- - Jun 16
me at my first job interview: I JUST NEED MONEY 
                              I DIDN'T GET THE JOB