Diabolik Lovers Lemons

Diabolik Lovers Lemons

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Unknown By DarkAngelCreeps Updated Jul 21

Looking for a sexual time with vampires that don't sparkle in the sun? Great! Then this book is just for you! Come on and read this exclusive lemon book about getting it on with the famous and sadistic diabolik lovers along with some extras. Requests are open for all. Let's raise the stakes a bit.

Doesn't love just bites sometimes? It can be such a pain in the neck, it sucks.

Well enough of that, enjoy you bloodthirsty animals. 

P.S. If you are looking for some sweet fluff afterwards from all of that love-making business, then go ahead and check out my Diabolik Lovers One-Shots as well for all you love-suckers out there that just wants some chilling out time with the sadistic vampires.  

See you...

IzabellaFuller IzabellaFuller May 23, 2016
The pic is true. I would be like "Oh um hey uh heheh*THUMP* 😵😵
MichIsWeird MichIsWeird Jan 10
I'm regreting choosing Twilight from the school library now...
PikaMnell PikaMnell Apr 22, 2016
Can you please make Ayato X Reader Lemons and Subaru X Reader Lemons? Thank youuu 😊
Feelin_Pretty_Yeezy Feelin_Pretty_Yeezy Nov 16, 2016
Technically laito is the oldest but there's a tradition in Japan where the last born out of twins or triplets is the oldest
SomaJelsaOTPs SomaJelsaOTPs Nov 29, 2016
I'm a demon not a dark angel but meh boyfriends a dark angel
yoongsucc yoongsucc Jan 20, 2016
"what the hell they are saying" Idk why but I found that really funny... XDDD