Marriage by Law - One Shot

Marriage by Law - One Shot

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heelaholic By heelaholic Updated Sep 23, 2015




They say there comes a time in marriage where you feel the strain of the relationship; the short talks, the scaring decrease in the number of touches and kisses, the 'don't see each other much' phase. This phase comes after the 'honeymoon phase', - I heard it in some stupid movie I was watching, at some stupid time in the middle of the night because I was up waiting for Darius, eating stupid ice-cream. Actually, ice-cream is not stupid. Ice-cream is always there for you, no matter what stage of the relationship you're in. Sorry, ice-cream. 

I looked down into the tub of ice-cream - the second of the night. I didn't know what time it was and I didn't bother to check because knowing the time only makes my stomach clench in a weird way. But it was late, the room was dark, the only light coming was from that of the muted TV and the moonlight. I looked out the window at my babies, my flowers. A smile came onto my face before the thought of who planted ...

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