In the Snow (PruCan)

In the Snow (PruCan)

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☆Psyk Fox★ By Psyk_Fox Completed

((Human AU))

It's funny how quickly one of the darkest, coldest moments can turn into the brightest and warmest.

Gilbert thought it was over. The snow was too much to handle. Who would have thought that his guardian angel would be Canadian. But when his angel is stolen, Gil will go to extremes to get his love back, risking both of their lives in the process.

My first fanfic! If I make a mistake, please be kind, my French is kinda rusty and I don't speak German so...

Sequel is out- Out of the Storm

BxB- don't like, don't read, but come on, who doesn't like BxB?? (Except for that one waiter in Buon San Valentino. And that lady in chapter- oh wait, you probably haven't gotten there yet)


Ohhh it's one of these 'no I'm not gay and will never be gay' 
                              Gilbert, honey, you are gay. You will marry this man, and you will not be unawesome and regret it. So just build your bridge, sweetie, and get over it because you are gay for this man. Gay and European.
- - Apr 10
You know you're gay when whenever you compliment a guy, you deny that you're gay.
Gilbert: jou can't catch me gay thoughts *runs* 
                              *Canada appears out of no where * 
                              Gay thoughts: YES WE CAN
Firewolf360 Firewolf360 Sep 25, 2016
Gil just admit are gay for have a thing for Canadians just admit it
I-Cant-Write- I-Cant-Write- Sep 10, 2016
Your intro is amazing! And this is your first story!? Whoa!! You are an amazing writer!
HeTaLia_LoVeR18 HeTaLia_LoVeR18 Jul 01, 2016
Gil: you can't catch me gay thoughts 
                              Fangirls: oh yes we can! 
                              Sorry I couldn't help it!