Merely Players (Kellic)

Merely Players (Kellic)

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Vic Fuentes is a movie actor who is sick of having to stay in the closet and make out with girls on command to keep his job. It's working for him, though, since he's one of the most well-known actors in the country. 

Kellin Quinn is a con artist with an interest in Vic's fame and wealth and decides to seduce him to get a taste of the high life before ultimately robbing his fake boyfriend and making a run for it. 

Falling in love complicates both of their careers in the worst possible ways.

that's great to all of you who know what it means but I don't I barley know English so if someone could comment it that'd be great
*sighs in pasty white kid who barely knows English even though it's their first language*
MsPerrySoto MsPerrySoto Feb 11
So you are short lady who can grow a beard or are you just like and circle
I'm laughing inside I can hear my relatives actually yelling this
I like how everyone's like "I know Spanish" or "I can barely speak English" and I'm like "Yo I'm an Asian. Want some Panda Express?"
OH MY GOD…I know some Spanish phrases…well the swearing ones