Broken Pieces | J•G

Broken Pieces | J•G

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"But I did, now show me that you appreciate it baby girl"


The first couple of chapters start off pretty bad but they get a lot better and more intense. It's just that it was my first book but I eventually got the hang of it. Don't give up on it because of the first few chapters bc I promise they get better and longer.

Warning I wrote this book 2years ago so my writing wasn't as mature as it is now. This book also contains sexual content so if you enjoy smut u go

Um how about we don't talk about my queen and her beloved man's. Don't steal him hoe. Don't try it
bottelwater bottelwater Jul 02
Okay I'm gonna be honest, I didn't know what magcon was till it ended. But somehow I still miss them??
choosinggilinsky choosinggilinsky Jul 21, 2016
I would scream so loud scott kelly would hear it up in space
wanderlustly wanderlustly Oct 28, 2016
At my high school, shorts gotta be knee length and we cant show any cleavage😂😂 #dresscodessuckdick