Tales of a bad boy

Tales of a bad boy

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"I admit it. I was afraid to love him. 
He was an amazing mystery and he carried things deep inside him that no one has yet to understand and I, I was afraid to fail, like so many before me.
He was the ocean, and I was just a girl who loved the waves but was just too terrified to swim."

I'm Amelia Jane Messar.

I'm just a normal 17 year old that has just started her senior year at high school. 
I live in a normal house, in a normal town with my pretty normal family and I guess you could say I was a very normal girl, nothing special at all.
And I thought everything was going to stay that way but just as I started my senior year things began to start changing, and the timid school girl I was finally started to change.

But this tale isn't all about the changes I go through, it's about who changed me.

Luca Millar, he was bad. 
He smoked a lot and alcohol was one of his closest friends, he was cocky and arrogant, he broke the law frequently and he drove way to fast for his own good.
And he didn't care one tiny little bit because no one ever taught him how to.

But spending more time with him made me realise that there was way more to Luca that first met the eye, a couple of real dark tales hidden beneath the surface of this supposedly gorgeous and perfect bad boy.
And I tried not to fall for him, with all my inner soul and being I tried, but I suppose I just could not help myself.

But Luca made me feel different then anyone else ever had.

He seemed to want to be the best man he could be for me, he couldn't bare the thought of me getting hurt by anyone, including him.
He made me feel as though he would kill to protect me, a girl who cared about someone as worthless as him in all her perfection.

I knew this all wasn't true, and many people told me so.
He was just playing a game.

But for once I just really wanted my tale to end without the pain and sorrow.

And I think deep down I always secretly knew that there would never be anyone else.

I only ever wanted him.

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practicemakesshit practicemakesshit 4 days ago
Maggie lindermen would be a much better than her to be honest
practicemakesshit practicemakesshit 4 days ago
I would have explained everything to the teacher and told would not leave until he got my side I would have even made him check the cameras like srsly these girls don't know how to stand up
latina_girl101 latina_girl101 Jul 19, 2017
My school summer holidays start on term four December fifth. Six weeks go by and we go to school in February or march
Gail4ce Gail4ce Jan 04, 2017
Above you said it was your English class but now your saying it was your math class
maxinepease01 maxinepease01 Mar 18, 2016
OMG!! Twilight Fan right here!! I have already fallen in love with the book and i just started it!! You are a great writer!! Thank you so much for suggesting this book to me!!
myXlifesXlibrary myXlifesXlibrary Sep 17, 2016
Whatever the hell we want!Whatever the hell we want! 
                              Bellamy Blake anyone???