Ava Harper Zabini. EDITING!

Ava Harper Zabini. EDITING!

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Ellen By xxelliemaystar1318xx Updated Apr 25, 2017

Hermione Granger, an all round teacher's pet, no-it-all is actually Ava Harper Zabini. Twin sister to Blaize and older sister to Aurora and Maddi Zabini. 
How will Ron react?
Will she be accepted?
Will Draco ever not eat an apple?
Find out in this storyyyy

Yeah i know the cover is wrong ill change it asapppppppp

Hey its Ellen and I wanted to say thank you to everyone who voted for this book and I can't wait to hear your opinion of it in the comments. You can also PM me about the book.

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MEMEQUEEN2703 MEMEQUEEN2703 Jun 03, 2017
Blasie is black mione is his twin therefore she is also black
AnnabethGranger12 AnnabethGranger12 May 27, 2017
I love this story but just a tip: Slytherin is the correct spelling :) I bet the rest is fabulous!
SlytherinShipperGirl SlytherinShipperGirl Aug 28, 2017
I want to swap my brother for blaise 
                              (My brother is really annoying!!!)
clrfuldancer2005 clrfuldancer2005 Oct 12, 2017
I think this is great PLZ do not stop the book in the middle of  the story like some people do you have an amazing talent with writing
_jorja_jade_ _jorja_jade_ Sep 22, 2017
Hermione and blaze should be 18-19 years old cause this is after the war
ModernTaehyung ModernTaehyung Jun 10, 2017
I hate Slitherins to. Slytherins on the other hand I am one of them so they are amazing.