Uta x Male!Reader (Oneshots)

Uta x Male!Reader (Oneshots)

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(Narrator P.O.V)

The night was young and the havoc just beginning. The G.D.(Ghoul Defence), the fearsome and deadly ghoul organization, learked above the simple fight between lesser beings known as humans. 

"They must be eraticated" A hungry voice sounded

"All of them shall fall to our might" Another voice said as he readied his weapon. 

"Calm down, now. We can't just jump in and 'save the day'." The leader sounded as he held back his 'dogs'. "We have to wait for the fight to be over, and then we can have the scraps." The leader watched intently as the humans below fell one by one. "Dove, Chickadee, kill the survivors, the rest of us will be down when you're done tenderizing your meat." 

"Understood" The two fought in harmony, as if they had been together since birth. They quickly 'tenderized' their meat and signaled that all the humans were dead.

"Can we eat now?" The hungry one asked

"Yes, you may feast" The leader said. The group of 7, counting the leader, feasted on the seve...

DortyDan DortyDan Apr 03, 2016
Roses are red 
                              Violets are blue
                              Porcupines are prickly 
                              That escalated quickly
A_Wus_Heare A_Wus_Heare Dec 20, 2016
Me:*Reads story*
                              It's good to go!!
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                              Still good to go!
xXVincent_PGXx xXVincent_PGXx May 29, 2016
I thought I had run out of Uta x male!reader's so I wrote one myself...turns out I didn't. YAY!!