Imprints( Paul Lahote)

Imprints( Paul Lahote)

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E-Blackbird By E-Blackbird Updated Jan 07

Anna is a young woman, best friend of Isabella Swan. A little while ago, before she and Bella move to forks, her parents were killed in a car crash, which left her and her twin completely heartbroken.Then, she decides to move to Washington to live with her aunt, her father's sister. 

Anna has a dark past, filled with mystery, ever since her father died, her life was a nightmare, she began to hear voices. Not voices though, she began to read people's thoughts. And she hates it.

From that moment, everything changes. She meets the Cullens, The pack. Then a young and hot-headed wolf imprint on the ever so calm Anna. She learns things about herself.
Will she accept him and his wolf? Will she accept the fact that she is different from anyone else.

This is the story of Annabelle Blackbird, and it only begun.

  • breakup
  • brokenhearted
  • cullens
  • curse
  • imprinting
  • insecure
  • mate
  • pack
  • paul
  • supernatural
  • twilight
  • vampires
  • werewolf
  • witches