Cold Extreme- Part 1 The Betrayal, Rise & Fall

Cold Extreme- Part 1 The Betrayal, Rise & Fall

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Terrell, formerly known as Ulysses has a vendetta for the girl that took his man. Who is the girl? They all exist in the psychological wars of distant friends with loose ends, alibies, deceit, and str8 lies.
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(Rated Mature) 

This book videos belong to the "Artist, Actors" I use the gifs to create a direct interaction with the characters; myself, the narrator to tell this story about life, love,murder, truth, lies, and deceit in its worst and finest. Can not be copied or altered nor duplicated. 

By: CrazyPens

Arithetrilll Arithetrilll Aug 05, 2016
I knew a girl in elementary school who had a gray patch, kids would be on her ass about it, I felt bad for her 😩
candycoatedmoney candycoatedmoney Sep 09, 2016
i understand feeling alone. Wow Unique! Where is her brother? Sounds like family is messed up like mines.  Good so far
KalinaHerbo KalinaHerbo Dec 22, 2016
Damn why you yelling LMFAOOOO I read this in ghetto hood voice and a little bit of Michel'le
CrazyPens CrazyPens Dec 22, 2016
Now that was trill @KalinaHerbo real talk I never noticed I had that many !!!!!!! Of those lol thank you Merry Christnas
CrazyPens CrazyPens Oct 12, 2016
Thank you love Amen aweeee I hope it does good and #Votes and reads tripple 2
xXDiamoni_DiamondzXx xXDiamoni_DiamondzXx Jul 27, 2016
I've never seen this in a book, I thought I was the only person that got gray hairs at a young age.