Cold Extreme Book 1  (Urban Book) The Betrayal, & Fall (Heavy edited #imvuauthor

Cold Extreme Book 1 (Urban Book) The Betrayal, & Fall (Heavy edited #imvuauthor

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UGQ_FormerHallBaby_VU? By CrazyPens Completed

Copyright 2018
Cold is something chilling.... Well get chilled in this thriller, its vengeful, violent & treacherous vendettas over family heat, turf war streets, & sharing sheets. Follow Unique, and her fam, and friends.

🔓Cold Extreme Series Book 1
Based On A True Story of
"Kai TheBrilliantheirs Hall" aka Crazy Pens......all names have been changed, places, locations,etc thank you.

Author Notes: 
IG:@ #FormerHallBaby_VU 
This book may not be copied or altered. Thank you all so much sorry about category confusion Thanks I love the comments, adds, and votes many don't vote but if you view a chapter vote for tryings sake please don't delete videos and pics..... On God... please... give credit.... thanksssssss...... we about to blow up and not fireworks either..... Based on a true story all names and dates times and actual locations have been changed and modified...............

lol i hope u enjoy the new IMVU life i currently live with my family.  As the 1st lady Author of IMVU these videos that do not belong to me are available to see their credits thru their youtube, or Google Links.... Some of these photos are my own Avi and we hope you all enjoy the recreations of real time stories 3D version. Wattpad version

©2017 2018 #crazypens #ugqcalibudzz #formerhallbaby_vu omg the names smh 😃😍😎😎🤣😋😂😂😁😂😂😂😂

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Freeyonce Freeyonce Nov 27, 2017
I feel like you should’ve proofread it more and let someone else read it first because it’s reading like you where writing as you speak
Arithetrilll Arithetrilll Aug 05, 2016
I knew a girl in elementary school who had a gray patch, kids would be on her ass about it, I felt bad for her 😩
candycoatedmoney candycoatedmoney Sep 09, 2016
i understand feeling alone. Wow Unique! Where is her brother? Sounds like family is messed up like mines.  Good so far
nonchalantLina nonchalantLina Dec 22, 2016
Damn why you yelling LMFAOOOO I read this in ghetto hood voice and a little bit of Michel'le
CrazyPens CrazyPens Dec 22, 2016
Now that was trill @KalinaHerbo real talk I never noticed I had that many !!!!!!! Of those lol thank you Merry Christnas
CrazyPens CrazyPens Oct 12, 2016
Thank you love Amen aweeee I hope it does good and #Votes and reads tripple 2