Cold Extreme Book 1  (Urban Book) The Betrayal, & Fall (Heavy edited) 2017

Cold Extreme Book 1 (Urban Book) The Betrayal, & Fall (Heavy edited) 2017

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Cali'Vape$_It_ By CrazyPens Completed

Cold is something chilling.... Well get chilledin this thriller, its vengeful, violent & treacherous vendettas over family heat, turf war streets, sex, & sharing sheets. Everyone has secrets.

Being loved & playing with it will hurt everyone involved in these games played. Imagine him not being who you thought he was. His whole life, all lies. Could all of them be lying? Whose loving who? Whose betrayal acts are worse?

The betrayal of one known gangster (Cash) & the rise of his girlfriend (Unique), and the fall of their mistakes.

🔓Cold Extreme Series Book 1 🔒

This book may not be copied or altered. Thank you all so much sorry about category confusion @wattpad was kind enough to place it in G.F. for me and you. Thanks I love the comments, adds, and votes many don't vote but if you view a chapter vote for tryings sake


Arithetrilll Arithetrilll Aug 05, 2016
I knew a girl in elementary school who had a gray patch, kids would be on her ass about it, I felt bad for her 😩
candycoatedmoney candycoatedmoney Sep 09, 2016
i understand feeling alone. Wow Unique! Where is her brother? Sounds like family is messed up like mines.  Good so far
wavyLina wavyLina Dec 22, 2016
Damn why you yelling LMFAOOOO I read this in ghetto hood voice and a little bit of Michel'le
CrazyPens CrazyPens Dec 22, 2016
Now that was trill @KalinaHerbo real talk I never noticed I had that many !!!!!!! Of those lol thank you Merry Christnas
CrazyPens CrazyPens Oct 12, 2016
Thank you love Amen aweeee I hope it does good and #Votes and reads tripple 2
xXDiamoni_DiamondzXx xXDiamoni_DiamondzXx Jul 27, 2016
I've never seen this in a book, I thought I was the only person that got gray hairs at a young age.