Cold Extreme - The Betrayal Part 1 #LMN & (Urban) Completed 2017

Cold Extreme - The Betrayal Part 1 #LMN & (Urban) Completed 2017

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Cali A Paul By CrazyPens Completed

They had two things in common (love) & misfortune. 

"All he wanted was love. Is dying how a person learns to live? Cold Extreme tales the story of a girl with deep issues forced to get her life together by meeting up with fatal realities; restore who she is meant to be." 

Parental Advisory_ 

By: Cali Paul @CrazyPens
All Rights of this book belongs to me and can not be used without consent from me. @calipaul ©2016 
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BritaBri BritaBri Feb 01
Great start tho got me reading imma share it and check out lee lee book too and did you get my email
I knew a girl in elementary school who had a gray patch, kids would be on her ass about it, I felt bad for her 😩
i understand feeling alone. Wow Unique! Where is her brother? Sounds like family is messed up like mines.  Good so far
Wow..... Very interesting my eyes was glued and this is the first page very good I will be buying this
CrazyPens CrazyPens Oct 12
Thank you love Amen aweeee I hope it does good and #Votes and reads tripple 2
I've never seen this in a book, I thought I was the only person that got gray hairs at a young age.