Cold Extreme Book 1  (Urban Book) The Betrayal, & Fall (Heavy edited) 2017

Cold Extreme Book 1 (Urban Book) The Betrayal, & Fall (Heavy edited) 2017

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UGQKB? By CrazyPens Completed

Cold is something chilling.... Well get chilled in this thriller, its vengeful, violent & treacherous vendettas over family heat, turf war streets, & sharing sheets. 

🔓Cold Extreme Series Book 1

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Freeyonce Freeyonce Nov 27, 2017
I feel like you should’ve proofread it more and let someone else read it first because it’s reading like you where writing as you speak
Arithetrilll Arithetrilll Aug 05, 2016
I knew a girl in elementary school who had a gray patch, kids would be on her ass about it, I felt bad for her 😩
candycoatedmoney candycoatedmoney Sep 09, 2016
i understand feeling alone. Wow Unique! Where is her brother? Sounds like family is messed up like mines.  Good so far
nonchalantLina nonchalantLina Dec 22, 2016
Damn why you yelling LMFAOOOO I read this in ghetto hood voice and a little bit of Michel'le
CrazyPens CrazyPens Dec 22, 2016
Now that was trill @KalinaHerbo real talk I never noticed I had that many !!!!!!! Of those lol thank you Merry Christnas
CrazyPens CrazyPens Oct 12, 2016
Thank you love Amen aweeee I hope it does good and #Votes and reads tripple 2