The Hitman's Hoax (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction) [#Wattys2016]

The Hitman's Hoax (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction) [#Wattys2016]

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For this recipe you will need a couple things:

A fight. Followed by a punishment. And why not throw in a messed up prank? Add a murder while your at it too. 

For the next step you'll need to add a few screwed up relationships and emotions. That's followed by lies, and betrayal. And add darkness for good measure. 

With all these ingredients you have a recipe for chaos. So chaos shall ensure. 

For your oven just use a school and be sure to lock the doors. No one in. No one out. 

Cook for 12 hours. 




This is an alternate to my story Locked In!

You don't have to read that one first. Thy have nothing to do with each other. 


  • annabeth
  • frank
  • hazel
  • hoo
  • killed
  • killer
  • luke
  • mortal
  • murder
  • nico
  • percyjackson
  • pjo
  • prankgonewrong
  • rachel
  • thalia
UponUsOnce UponUsOnce Mar 28
And then she thought ‘oops Kronos hasn’t taken over look yet!’
summerstorm2904 summerstorm2904 Oct 11, 2017
Mr A is a lot better since I can't even pronounce Asclepius. (And I had to check the spelling about a million times.)
UponUsOnce UponUsOnce Mar 28
I wanna make so many coming out of the closet jokes but I’m too busy crying over bob
*in mock hurt* Are you calling me a creep? YOU WILL DIE FOR THIS. *cue evil laugh*
maesreads maesreads Jan 01
So the 2 people can’t be friends or siblings bc they would have each other numbers...
                              And it’s definitely not Luke and Percy as well...
                              Maybe Luke and Leo? Idk...
Annabeth_Jackson_12 Annabeth_Jackson_12 Aug 13, 2017
I can link this to two things. Bob, *sobs* and the fact that he's already come out of the closet. L