The Hitman's Hoax (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction) [#Wattys2016]

The Hitman's Hoax (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction) [#Wattys2016]

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For this recipe you will need a couple things:

A fight. Followed by a punishment. And why not throw in a messed up prank? Add a murder while your at it too. 

For the next step you'll need to add a few screwed up relationships and emotions. That's followed by lies, and betrayal. And add darkness for good measure. 

With all these ingredients you have a recipe for chaos. So chaos shall ensure. 

For your oven just use a school and be sure to lock the doors. No one in. No one out. 

Cook for 12 hours. 




This is an alternate to my story Locked In!

You don't have to read that one first. Thy have nothing to do with each other. 


plutosgenius plutosgenius Dec 27, 2016
Okay people are saying that this was a pun for his sexuality, but it just reminded me of Bob.
AlexTheFanficQueen AlexTheFanficQueen Dec 16, 2016
Just thought of brand new ship: LukexRachels blue plastic hairbrush.
childofhades1 childofhades1 Aug 02, 2016
Suzsuzlynn58 Suzsuzlynn58 Oct 16, 2016
Okay who are these people now? Last time it was Thalia, and Reyna, but now who are these two.....?
sure1why1not sure1why1not Aug 22, 2016
What are you doing, Nico, he's (continually) about ten years older than you
MultiFandomLoverOLH MultiFandomLoverOLH Jul 27, 2016
Leo definitely, not sure who other person is.  Maybe Percy or Luke