Triplet of Vongola

Triplet of Vongola

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Helena Viczelda By HelenaVWG Updated Oct 16

Sawada Tsunayoshi the older brother of Sawada Tsukuyoshi and Sawada Tsukiyoshi. They are triplets, born only different 2 minutes each. 

Sawada Tsunayoshi AKA Dame-Tsuna was a smart boy. But he use a dame mask without his little brother and sister knew it. 

Sawada Tsukuyoshi AKA Prince Tsuku. The prince of the Namimori Middle or Nami-Chuu. He is good at all subject. Everyone admired him.

Sawada Tsukiyoshi, the younger from her brothers. She is also good at all subject, she actually hates Tsuku and likes Tsuna more.

idiez99 idiez99 Jul 23
Haha thats kinda like my personality… unless its someone im rlly familiar with
How come they know that he is their father when he left when they where just 6 month old?
Umm. Probably because he just started running and you don't see people sweating immediately unless it's the hottest day .___.
Meopize Meopize Oct 25
WAIT WUT? SHOULDNT U BE ALL LIKE; "Im here to tot- I mean tutor you."
shugugaku shugugaku Dec 11, 2015
Want me to spell it out for you huh reborn! HE.IS.NOT.DAME.BUT.TOO.COOl.....GOT IT To thE exTrEmE !!