My Son's Teacher Is a Mafioso (MANXMAN)

My Son's Teacher Is a Mafioso (MANXMAN)

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Spin-off of Hitman in Love (18+), can be read separately

Orazio Audi, the underboss of the Serraino-DiGiovine famiglia meets the most handsome man he's ever laid his eyes on. His sculpted body, deep blue eyes and dark locks were irresistible. This perfect man called Gabriel had only one flaw - he was a policeman, his nemesis.

When Orazio finds out he has a son, he finds his school, and applies for the position of a teacher. To be precise, he threatens the principal to hire him. As a former cracker, he also hacks into Gabriel's laptop and webcam, and like a stalker he breaches his privacy.

During the day he plays a kindergarten teacher, trying to win Gabriel's favour, and at night he watches him on the screen.
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In ' hitman in love ' i'd thought orazio was bald but now i think it was a mistake by me
😆😆😆😆😆😆😆hangover and getting the shitt at morning..thinking your your worst enemy is beautiful..😂😂😂
how is he a cop? lmao if a sexy man was shooting up Stop and Shop you just gon arrest an "unattractive" person instead??
Guys you're forgetting, how the he'll he is supposed to know that he's not a drinker
😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 cant believe you of all could be rhinking this's.😂😂😂😂
A multitude of serial killers have been described as charming and even handsome... some even said Jeffrey Dahmer was attractive (they were delusional but still)