My Son's Teacher Is a Mafioso (MANXMAN)

My Son's Teacher Is a Mafioso (MANXMAN)

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Kiki By KikiEmin Updated Aug 30, 2016

Spin-off of Hitman in Love (18+), can be read separately

Orazio Audi, the underboss of the Serraino-DiGiovine famiglia meets the most handsome man he's ever laid his eyes on. His sculpted body, deep blue eyes and dark locks were irresistible. This perfect man called Gabriel had only one flaw - he was a policeman, his nemesis.

When Orazio finds out he has a son, he finds his school, and applies for the position of a teacher. To be precise, he threatens the principal to hire him. As a former cracker, he also hacks into Gabriel's laptop and webcam, and like a stalker he breaches his privacy.

During the day he plays a kindergarten teacher, trying to win Gabriel's favour, and at night he watches him on the screen.
Not edited. Expect misspellings and grammatical errors.

The only reason I read Hitman in love was because I wanted to read this one afterward. Best decision of my life. Hopefully this is just as good.
blxmeee blxmeee Jan 23
I almost freaked out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
AyooWishes AyooWishes Feb 14
Just because someone drinks doesn't mean they're an alcoholic
HelenDark1 HelenDark1 Jan 13
Bruh, It's always the pretty and handsome ones you have to watch out for. Sooooo... You, my friend, are screwed
Ha... When you "legless"....I was like... 😕What the f.??  Wasn't he walking a while ago? Did the old lady cut his legs off so he wouldn't run??😢... Then you know common sense told me
                              That's not what it means u idiot.. 😒😒
I'm curious about what the time frame is in this book. Is it before or after Dante met Angelo?