Avengers One-Shots

Avengers One-Shots

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DinosaurAvenger By DinosaurAvenger Updated Sep 01

What's better then a movie full of Marvel? A book full of Marvel! As ze author I invite you to a one-shots involving this bunch of superheroes:

|Tony Stark, Iron Man|

|Steve Rogers, Captain America|


|Bruce Banner, The Hulk|

|Clint Barton, Hawkeye|


|Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier|

New to the group are:

|Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow|

|Wanda Maximoff, Scarlet Witch|

|Pietro Maximoff, Quicksilver|

|Peter Parker, Spider-Man|


|Peter Quill, Starlord|

|Sam Wilson, the Falcon|

|T'Challa, Black Panther|

|Scott Lang, Ant-Man|

So read and see what you think!

Omg dude take a freaking chill pill. (Not you lovely author, I mean this bitch up here.) The author obviously didn't mean to offend anyone so....  *shrugs*
Oh and sorry to be that one person but some people mainly Muslims wear a hijab over their head for religious reasons so naming a hairstyle is very impractical for imagines or any attribute that doesn't apply to all races and religions
w_badger11 of course you can request a one-shot! Just write it in the comments!
And I know this person is not black because black people cant put their hair into messy buns because of the way our hair is different then the oily straight or wavy hair of a Caucasian or Hispanic or Indian person
Also to add it's not the best idea to put body shape in there either just because not everyone has curves no less curves that can be hugged by a tight fitting dress
DinosaurAvenger DinosaurAvenger Oct 12, 2015
Sure, anything for my readers. If you have an idea about Vision's one shot  just PM me.