My Sister's Demon

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KiKi By MySilverTouch Updated 3 years ago
My name is Monica Johnson. If you would notice, my life is pretty great.Great friends, Two Loving Parents, an annoying little sister. Yea life is pretty normal for me, that is until this summer. Instead of going to our summerhouse in Florida, we end up in an abandoned cabin instead.
    Which is apparently haunted, not to mention that after a few days of staying, we discover we a poltergeist. But thats not even the worse part, after viciously attacking and killing our parents, a war wolf chases my sister and I down into the woods. Follow me through my extreme adventures, where there will be Anger, Triumph, Trust, Loss, Jealousy and possibly even, Love?
                                     o NO you did not just cut it off like that. Awesome name "whisper" er er this could use some editing but im reading on. cause im confused on how your going to write a story on a dead girl.. unless shes a ghost :o
DIED?!!! HOLY SHIZZLE...Wait Thas Some Joke Right..Surely They Can't Die...*Closes Eyes And Clicks ''Chapter One''* Here Goes....
Love the shocking start where you immediately find out that they die! So far so good, don't think I can read anymore this late I'm too much of a chicken lolol xx
I like the name Whisper it's so different and original, anyway this was good but maybe more details? overall I liked it.
im kinda new hear but I'll say: "well that was intriguing" *clicks next chapter :3*
That's so sad! But this is a great intriguing beginning to your story, and definitely makes me want to read on! Also I think Whisper is a really cute name. :)